Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Sunstriders - Walking On Sunshine

As some of you know, now that I play Dungeons & Dragons, I can get pretty insane when it comes to making artsy stuff to entertain my fellow adventurers.

To end our 'summer quest', our DM Yama had planned to have our gang, The Sunstriders, facing multiples threats (vampires and supremacist bird-people) and also, at some point, going on stage to perform at a "Woodstack" festival in Westgate...
Me being the 'life-sized' bard of the group, he then asked me to come up with a cover of "Walking on sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves, but since we wanted the whole gang to sing on it and keep this as a "surprise", I had to secretely contact each member of my party and ask them to record lines from the song... and we gave them a rule that was "don't talk about this project amongst each other"!

Thing is... One week before the reveal of the song, while waiting for everyone to send me their recordings, I was like "what about making some visuals for it?" and I started designing some stage makeups for our team...
...But then I was like, "what about reusing our Hero Forge avatars, and painting this makeup on them?"...
...And then "what about adding little animations?"...

It all went snowballing and I decided that I HAD to make a full video for the song!!! So I told one of my friends from the party to help me with the environment and dialog boxes; animated even more little things and after approx. 40 hours of self-absorbtion, I had this video!

I felt really honored to have all the members of the party agreeing to provide vocals on the song (even when it's just backvocals); it's another proof that music is for everyone and that you can have real fun with it, no matter how "bad" you think you are! So I'd like to thank them to having trusted me with their voices and for being so awesome 💙⭐ Also I really like working on crazy collective projects on short periods of time, and the "secret" aspect of it definitely made it even more exciting!

I already wrote too much! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Eat The Rich

These days I can't seem to find time nor mental strength to draw personal stuff, so please enjoy this drawing I made last November but never shared! Featuring Jean-Luc, the character I play in my current Vampire The Masquerade campaign!

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Decay018's Twitch channel design!

My good friend Decay018 hired me to design and animate the visuals for her Twitch channel! 🔥 It was a very cool opportunity to combine several digital art techniques that I enjoy, and also to experiment with the free software OBS Studio and its many awesome features!

📺 Catch her live streams and replays at

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Sunstriders

Finished a group portrait of my Dungeons & Dragons party and their loyal familiars! Behold... The Sunstriders! ⚔🔥

By the way, I also wrote and recorded a theme song for them! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Lady Dimitrescu

Behold--- Lady Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil VIllage!! 🤤
I obviously joined the hype train on this one... I am weak... But I like drawing creepy characters, so...

Monday, January 11, 2021


Hello there!
Yesterday my long-time alternative metal band/project Between The Zones released a new EP entitled "Sediment"!

It contains 5 tracks (2 songs + 3 instrumentals) for 17 minutes of raw but catchy industrial vibes. Most of this music has been in suspension for years, but the recent lockdown here gave me time to finally close them (and add vocals). Now that I'm done with these, the project can go forward and I plan to release new stuff, one song after the other, throughout the year. I hope you'll enjoy and stick with me in this adventure!

Right now it's only on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, but from next week it will be available on all streaming platforms (Spotify, etc.) -- Enjoy nonetheless! 🤗