Tuesday, May 28, 2019


So, there it is. "Bliska" is the last and final EP from my solo project Londead.

Official press release:
When I started Londead, I was in a hole near New Cross gate in London, UK. This project helped me coping with hard times and self-doubt-- ultimately making me realize that most of these things, that perhaps I thought would be temporary due to my personal life at the beginning of the project, would stay with me until the end.

I began writing "Bliska" in late 2016, after arriving in the city of Warsaw (Poland) where I lived for the next 2 years. What should have been a very spontaneous EP (like "Brs de fear" in 2013) became something bigger, and it took me 2 years to fully finish the songs. This EP goes back to the musical roots of the project, but also features more vocals than ever before, and IN FRENCH throughout the whole thing. For years I wasn't interested in using my mothertongue in my music because I had (still have) mixed feelings with it as a "sung language", but on these songs, it came out naturally... and it added the definitive nail to the coffin of the project, making it my most testimonial recording, for better or worse: at the end of the mixing process, I understood that Londead was done. You can't run away from ghosts; you learn to live with them, to embrace them even. Nothing happens the way you'd like it to happen anyway.

To the people who listened / shared / spoke & wrote about it / actually gave a damn: Thank you. It meant a lot more than I could say. It's time to let go.

Music, lyrics and production by Gom Pilote
Artwork by Natalia Burzyńska

Digital version includes:
- High-quality audio in MP3, FLAC and more
- Front and back cover artwork in HD
- All lyrics (French and English)
- Instrumentals versions
- One original bonus track: "Descent"

Download BLISKA for free via the Délivrances netlabel