Friday, December 9, 2016


Lately my girlfriend finally managed to make me watch these Italian heroic fantasy TV films from the 90's called Fantaghirò (or The Cave of the Golden Rose, in some countries like France). While I think the backstory and the characters are cool and rather interesting, the films themselves aged poorly: bad acting, bad cinematography, bad synth music, so-so costumes (I mean, some are decent, some are really bad), super bad special effects and even worse dubbing (at least the French version we are watching)... But I must admit it has a certain charm, and Alessandra Martines as the main character is lovely!

As a consequence, here is a fan art - thank Margaux Saltel for the help with the coloring (I was lazy on this part). Would you read a comic with this kind of artstyle? Please let me know :)

PS. I didn't exagerate the boobs for the Black Queen! Don't blame me for it! :D