Thursday, October 1, 2020

Les tourments

To celebrate the beginning of another rusty October, here is my doom metal rendition of French rapper ANTHA's beautiful song, "Les Tourments" 💀

2020 brought many calamities, but some good stuff too. Among the good stuff, I discovered ANTHA's solo album "Spleen" - an amazingly dark and ethereal album, and so far my favorite this year. I was already a fan of ORTIES (her rap band with her sister) and this goes even beyond. The production, the ambient, the lyrics (in French of course) are superb. I dare to say that I consider "Spleen" like a modern goth gem, and I don't care if "it's a rap record, it cannot be goth"; to me it's all about aesthetics, and here there is definitely "that thing" I like in dark music!

Last August, I was SO MUCH into this album that I decided to work on a doom metal 'adaptation' of the song "Les tourments", as I found that the words would suit so well this kind of mood. Enjoy! 😌

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